Transitions, ARC and Vigil

These three pieces were culmination of a body of work that was submitted for my MA in Fine Art, these three pieces explore both the sculptural and painterly potential of lighted forms, creating installations that seek to fill a space despite its lack of physical properties.

To this effect, Transitions was made up of six projectors aligned on a single screen running from floor to ceiling, the resulting work was a time based piece that slowly illuminated the surrounding space, moving between each projection, before slowly fading to black, intentionally transitioning at such a rate so as to almost appear static

In contrast to this, ARC and Vigil take on a more fluid appearance, using a combination of lighting equipment and fresnel lenses to describe a sense of movement within the space, despite their static nature.

ARC (2013) and Vigil (2013)
Fresnel Lenses, LEDs and Halogen Bulbs
Photo by Fraser West
Transitions (2013) and ARC (2013)
6 Projections on a single screen, Fresnel lens and LEDs
Photo by Fraser West
Transitions (2013)
6 Projections on a single screen
Photo by Fraser West