“Much of the work I make comes as the result of a long series of experiments exploring a variety of materials and processes, combining a number of disparate elements to create work.

The work most often manifests itself in a combination of drawn and sculptural elements, using string across a space in much the same manner as a pencil across paper or presenting a drawings across sculptural environments to change their form, combining and blurring the lines between these areas. In my practice I have explored a wide range of themes such as chance processes and themes around the degradation of information and image, alongside an interest in the use of light and it’s movement around objects and space.

In order to explore these ideas, I find it important to avoid using purely digital processes to explore these ideas; instead relying on more analogue methods such as OHP Projectors and a number of found or constructed elements to bend and distort the way in which light travels. For example by projecting simple shapes across warped and built up environments, I can distort imagery in much the same way as corrupted digital data, or by using coloured acetates I can ‘paint’ objects with light.

Most Recently I have been experimenting with the idea of using coloured light in an attempt to describe volume and highlight differing planes within sculpture. The results so far have grown into installations involving dual projectors acting as counterweights to one another and meeting at single focal point between them; the projectors as much a part of the composition as the imagery projected.”

Joe Moran is an artist currently based in Leicester, United Kingdom. Having gained a BA in Fine Art at De Montfort University, he is currently studying for a MA in Fine Art at De Montfort.

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